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Discover our passion and commitment to good design.

Handmade using walnut, hard maple and birdseye maple woods.

All cutting boards and serving platters are made in Los Angeles, California.

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Handmade cutting boards And Serving Platters

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Handmade Cutting Boards

“Each serving platter and cutting board is handcrafted and sanded to a smooth finish.
The rounded, organic shapes are like stones found in nature. Our teardrop shape is our most practical and decorative design.

“We are passionate about hardwoods grown in America. We respect the wood that nature has provided us: walnut, hard maple, birdseye maple. We treat each piece with mineral oil and California beeswax, so it will last a lifetime and be safe to use and free of chemicals.

“We want our classic, mid-century, organic cutting boards and serving platter shapes to be a heirloom which will always be the center piece of attention no matter if it’s on the table or hanging on your kitchen wall.” Read more.

Give Back By replanting America.

Selection of Serving Platters and Cutting Boards Selection of cutting boards.

With each purchase, we make a donation to plant a tree. This is our sustainable way of growing. With your help and our commitment, we can support the various reforestation programs throughout the United States. Thank You!

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